Dr. Chuang Yu (于 闯

Co-founder of Talk on MLLM (Multimodal Large Language Model)


Research Fellow on Affective Interaction with AI with Prof. Nadia Berthouze at UCL Interaction Centre (UCLIC). 


Research Associate on Trustworthy/Cognitive Robotics and AI at Prof. Angelo Cangelosi's Lab-Cognitive Robotics Lab (COROLAB) of the University of Manchester on project UKRI TAS Node in Trust (funding). 

As a Co-Investigator,  I also work on UKRI TAS Integrated Project - Verifiably Human-Centric Robot Assisted Dressing


I received my Ph.D. degree at ASR Group (Autonomous Systems and Robotics) of U2IS, ENSTA-Paris,  IP-Paris (Institut Polytechnique de Paris) supervised by Prof. Adriana Tapus. My past works in Paris are mainly about multimodal human behavior understanding and robot behaviors synthesis with deep learning.

Focus: Affective AI, Cognitive Robotics (e. g. Theory of Mind), Social Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, and Deep Learning (e.g. XAI, RL, GNN, LLM).


Chuang Yu, Baris Serhan, Angelo Cangelosi. "ToP-ToM: Trust-aware Robot Policy with Theory of Mind".  IEEE ICRA 2024

Chuang Yu, Baris Serhan, Marta Romeo, Angelo Cangelosi.  "Robot Theory of Mind with Reverse Psychology." LBR on IEEE/ACM HRI 2023            


Chuang Yu, Guanyu Huang, Shuang Wu. "Social Robot Nonverbal Vocalization System with Large Language Model".  UK Speech 2023. 2023

Yuanbo Hou, Siyang Song, Chuang Yu, Wenwu Wang, Dick Botteldooren. "Audio Event-Relational Graph Representation Learning for Acoustic Scene Classification”. IEEE Signal Processing Letters. 2023

Chuang Yu*, Yifu Liu*, Bruna Petreca, Sharon Baurley, Nadia Berthouze. "Textile Touch Gesture Recognition with Graph Representation of EMG”. Workshop on ACII 2023

Zhegong Shangguan, Mengyuan Ding, Chuang Yu, Chaona Chen and Adriana Tapus. "Robot self-recognition via facial expression sensorimotor learning." IEEE RO-MAN 2023 (32nd IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication)

Chuang Yu, Helen Hastie, Angelo Cangelosi.  "Human-aware Robot Social Behaviour Dynamic for Trustworthy Human-Robot Interaction." IROS 2022 workshop on Social and Cognitive Interactions for Assistive Robotics (SCIAR).           

Chuang Yu, Heng Zhang, Zhegong Shangguan, Xiaoxuan Hei, Angelo Cangelosi, Adriana Tapus. "Speech-driven Robot Face Action Generation with Deep Generative Model for Social Robots." ICSR 2022 – 14th International Conference on Social Robotics

 PDF   ACM    [Finalist Best Conference Paper]

Hongbo Zhu, Chuang Yu, Angelo Cangelosi. "Affective Human-Robot Interaction with Multimodal Explanations." ICSR 2022 – 14th International Conference on Social Robotics

 PDF  Springer   [Finalist Best Student Paper]

Heng Zhang, Chuang Yu, Adriana Tapus. "Towards a Framework for Social Robot Co-speech Gesture Generation with Semantic Expression." ICSR 2022 – 14th International Conference on Social Robotics

Zhegong Shangguan, Chuang Yu, Wenjie Huang, Zexuan Sun, Adriana Tapus. "What do I look like? A Conditional GAN Based Robot Facial Self-Awareness Approach." ICSR 2022 – 14th International Conference on Social Robotics

Heng Zhang, Chuang Yu, Adriana Tapus. "Why do you think this joke told by robot is funny? The humor style matters." IEEE RO-MAN 2022 (31st IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication)

 PDF         IEEE Xplore

Zhegong Shangguan, Chuang Yu, Adriana Tapus. "What do I look like? Dataset for Social Robot Facial Expression Self-Awareness." Robot Curiosity in Human-Robot Interaction (RCHRI) workshop on  IEEE/ACM HRI 2022


Chuang Yu, Changzeng Fu, Rui Chen, Adriana Tapus.  "First Attempt of Gender-free Speech Style Transfer for Genderless Robot."  LBR on IEEE/ACM HRI 2022                                     

 [Best LBR Award]

PDF  ACM     

Chuang Yu, Adriana Tapus. "One-2-many Robot Talking Gesture Synthesis with Generative Model and Evaluation. "  [on the way]

Chuang Yu, Adriana Tapus. "Long-life Emotion Recognition for Social Robot with Human in the Loop. "  [Under review Journal]

Chuang Yu, Adriana Tapus. "SRG3: Speech-Driven Robot Gesture Generation with GAN."  [Oral] ICARCV 2020. 2020 16th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV), China, 2020

Paper     IEEE    Demo video

Chuang Yu,  Adriana Tapus. "Multimodal Emotion Recognition with Thermal and RGB-D Cameras for Human-Robot Interaction."  HRI 2020 LBR. Companion of the 2020 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. 

Paper                   Video

Chuang Yu, Adriana Tapus. "Interactive Robot Learning for Multimodal Emotion Recognition."  ICSR 2019 Springer International Conference on Social Robotics. 


Chuang Yu. "Emotion Detection from Gait and Thermal Face for Social Robot." Best Poster Prize in " Journée de l'ED INTERFACES 2019". 


Chuang Yu,  Adriana Tapus. "Human Emotion Detection based on Gait Data and Facial Thermal Images." Oral in "PFIA-2018 Robotics & AI "

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